a gif of digital rain. text over the gif reads 'chocolate croissant'
hi, welcome to my website! you can call me croissant :)

i'm a girl who loves the internet, music, art, and lots of other things! i'm new to coding, so please forgive me if this site isn't the best. in my spare time i like to play video games, create digital art, paint, read, and spend time with friends :) my neocities page

name: croissant or kas
age: 20
tumblr: @gravitonbeamemitter
favorite color: pastel pink
favorite music: synthwave!
favorite aesthetic: cyberpunk :)
favorite food: gyoza
favorite animal: bunnies
likes: the internet, lime flavor, video games
dislikes: schoolwork, capitalism, mean people (racists, terfs, etc)

- made some minor updates to my bio
- added a new song to the tiny cassette
- changed the tumblr link to lead to my blog site
- added careful by boy harsher to the music page!
- added splatoon to the bookshelf
- added new songs to the tiny cassette!
- added kajiwan to my characters page!
- added etherow to my characters page!
- added a new navarre image to my characters page
- made button width responsive
- added wolf to my characters page!
- made some minor fixes
- added some blingees to the gifs page
- fixed some typos & added to the links page
- fixed some broken javascript
- cleaned up some code
- linked to javascript as seperate files
- added a random song player to the sidebar
- added an imood to the sidebar!
- added a playlist to the music page!
- made some minor fixes & updates
- added a gifypet!
- added more buttons to homepage
- added blingees to gifs page
- added bookshelf and characters pages!

stuff i like

characters             bookshelf

my favorite things!
  • akira by katsuhiro otomo
  • blame! by tsutomu nihei
  • hyper light drifter from heart machine
  • redline by takeshi koike
  • promare from studio trigger

  • things i like!
  • ghostrunner from one more level
  • aposimz by tsutomu nihei
  • dorohedoro by q hayashida
  • minecraft from mojang
  • sky:cotl from that game company
  • hollow knight from team cherry
  • vvvvvv from terry cavanagh
  • tokyo ghoul by sui ishida
  • the witcher on netflix
  • breath of the wild from nintendo
  • transistor from supergiant games
  • hades from supergiant games
  • genshin impact from mihoyo
  • honkai star rail from mihoyo
  • splatoon 3 from nintendo

  • chatbox

    stop and say hi!

    a pink web button reading 'neocities' in blue text. smaller text beneath it reads 'the web is yours' a web button reading 'this site is miku approved' with a picture of hatsune miku next to it. the word approved flashes blue and red. mikus face changes between smiling with her eyes closed, and making an O shape with her mouth with her eyes open an animated web button with the firefox logo on the right. text alternates between these phrases: 'take back the web' 'the browser you can trust' 'get firefox' 'rediscover the web' 'safer, faster, better' a web button reading 'internet archive' with the internet archive logo on the left an animated grey web button reading 'google chrome is EVIL' with a red rotating pentagram to the right of the text. to the left of the text there is a thin vertical red banner reading 'evil' an animated grey and blue web button reading 'nekkoscape '98 nyan!'. on the left there is a rotating beige cat head, and on the right is a diagonal blue banner with pink cat pawprints on it an 88x31 button with the url 'sadgrl.online', animated in a green browser a pale green web button shaped like a price tag with a hole punch. it reads '99gif shop' in blue text an animated web button reading 'gifypet' in black slanted text on a grey background. above and below the text are flashing pink and yellow lines an animated web button with a picture of hello kitty and the words 'hello kitty' written in a bright pink font. the background is pastel pink with a dotted border and a spinning pink flower. a web button reading 'tangy now!' with a picture of tangy the cat from animal crossing. an animated web button reading 'best viewed with a computer' next to the text is a computer monitor who's screen flashes different colors and patterns an animated web button reading 'web design is my passion' in text that flashes green, red, cyan, magenta, yellow, and blue. the background is black with the neocities cat mascot on it an orange web button with the soundcloud logo in the center

    it's kyrii from blame! :) he needs some enrichment, how about you give him some snacks?