a gif of digital rain. text over the gif reads: chocolate croissant
hi, welcome to my website! you can call me croissant :)

i'm a girl who loves the internet, music, art, and lots of other things! i'm very new to coding, so please forgive me if this site isn't the best. in my spare time i like to play video games, create digital art, paint read, and spend time with friends :)

stuff i like

my favorite things!
  • akira by katsuhiro otomo
  • blame! by tsutomu nihei
  • hyper light drifter from heart machine

  • things i like!
  • ghostrunner from one more level
  • minecraft from mojang
  • sky:cotl from that game company
  • hollow knight from team cherry
  • vvvvvv from terry cavanagh
  • the witcher on netflix
  • breath of the wild from nintendo
  • dorohedoro by q hayashida

  • chatbox

    stop and say hi!