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what i'm listening to

here are some of my favorite playlists! i hope you enjoy them if you decide to listen :)

neotokyo! my favorite playlist :) lots of synthwave and some other fun stuff. this playlist is actually a buch of smaller playlists in a trenchcoat lol. if you're looking for a specific vibe heres the links to the shorter playlists:
akira | blame! | invisible kingdom | ghostrunner

THE MEAT DROIDS! this is the playlist that first introduced me to synthwave. created by @keldabekush on tumblr and based off their clone wars ocs. i'd defentetly reccomend checking them out, their artwork is amazing!

ghostruner OST! the soundtrack from one of my favorite video games. listening to this music while running around a cyberpunk city is such a fun experience, and you should go play ghostrunner right now. yeah it is also synthwave (are you sensing a theme yet?)

no thoughts head empty! the cringiest of all my playlists. this one is all my favorite anime intros/outros from shows i've seen over the years. theres actually a little story behind this playlist: my dad doesnt like most of the music i listen to, so we never have anything to listen to in the car. this is the one playlist we both like lmao.