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characters i like

this is a page dedicated to all the characters i like! shout out to cat for giving me the idea to make this page :) click on an image to see it in more detail, but be warned image captions may contain spoilers!

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my favorites

kaneda from akira by katsuhiro otomo

i love this gif! its such a good scene, the motion of it is so satisfying to me <br><br> [image id: a gif from akira of kaneda kicking a rival gang member off their motorcycle. he jumps and steps on the front of their bike, denting the paneling. he kicks them in the chin, shattering the protective glass of their helmet, and they fall backwards off the bike. their body slams into the road, and kaneda lands on the ground beside them, still running. he wears a pink polo shirt, white pants, and white tennis shoes. the gang member wears a red helmet as well as a face mask and goggles, dark red pants, and a red shirt and vest. their bike is black with red diagonal stripes. /end id] my favorite panel from akira book one! if you follow me on tumblr you might recognise this as my profile pic :) <br><br> [image id: a panel from the akira manga, showing kaneda standing in a hallway. there is a speech bubble saying '!' and he has a suprised look on his face. there are posters hanging on the wall behind him. /end id] the ICONIC akira bike slide. i think about this scene every day of my life, its so cool to see it refrenced in other media <br><br> [image id: the bike slide scene from akira. kaneda slides into frame on his bright red motorcycle, sliding to a stop with his bike sideways. The tires and his foot kick up dust as he stops, with bright green sparks eminating from his bike. he is wearing his all red motorcycle outfit, asnd behind him the city of neotokyo looms in the distance. /end id]

kyrii from blame! by tsutomu nihei

i really like the way forwarding looks in blame! the motion of the lines is so cool <br><br> [image id: a panel from blame! of kyrii being forwarded by mensab. he is surrounded by blured lines from the forwarding, and appears concerned. there are lines of blood across his face. /end id] hes such a sccunkly guyyy <3 <br><br> [image id: the cover of the first blame! master edition book. it shows kyrii standing on a slab of rubble with a destroyed safeguard at his feet. he is holding his gravitron beam emitter in one hand, and is staring directly at the viewer. /end id] hes STANCED! i love how cautious he is when he doesnt have his GBE, also its SO cool to see him dual wielding <br><br> [image id: kyrii standing under an archway in the megastructure. he weilds two guns, and has a wide stance. his body is facing the viewer but his head is turned directly to the left, where he is aiming the larger of his two guns. he is lit from behind, and casts a shadow going off the bottom of the page. /end id] guy of all time. my sopping wet little meow meow. huge fan of the way nihei draws eyes <br><br> [image id: two panels from blame! the larger of the two panels shows kyrii holding his graviton beam emitter. the gun is sparking and emitting 'zt zzt' noises. his lips are parted and his brow is furrowed. the second narrower panel beneath is shows just his eyes. he looks straight at the viewer, eyes wide, surrounded by lines of motion. /end id] littleee guy, hes just a littol man. its so fun when nihei draws him all small and far away <br><br> [image id: kyrii standing on a ledge in the megastructure. he is small in comparison to the large archways that loom over him. he is angled so the viewer is looking up at him, and only his silhouette, hair, and nose are distinguishable. /end id]

cibo from blame! by tsutomu nihei

shes just soooooooooo cool. i love her with my whole heart and this scene especially <br><br> [image id: a page from blame! showing cibo surrounded by exploding silicon lifeforms. she stands still in the center of the frame, wearing a sleek black dress that flares outt and ends at her knees, and is holding an electric baton-like weapon. the silicon life forms around her are torn apart, their faces shattered and wires fraying from the ends of their limbs. /end id] huge fan of how the master edition covers show the the same image on the back cover but from the back, its such a neat thing to include <br><br> [image id: the cover of the second blame! master edition book. it shows cibo sitting on the back of a large silicon lifeform. she holds one hand to the side of her head, and stares straight at the viewer. /end id] this is another one of my favorite images of cibo <3 i love the way her hair flows here <br><br> [image id: a panel from blame! showing cibo in the netsphere. she is in a dark void surrounded by floating white lines and circles. holds up her hands and looks at them in wonder, her hair flowing as though in water or wind. /end id] she is GLARING. another top tier cibo moment <br><br> [image id: a panel from blame! showing cibo looking towards the viewer out of the corner of her eyes. her lips are parted and her expression is somewhere between neutral, disgusted, and upset. /end id] I LOVE THE GBE!!!!! the recoil is sooosososo powerful i love seeing people fly backwards as they fire it <br><br> [image id: cibo being blown backwards from the recoil of kyrii's graviton beam emitter. in front of her dhomoshevsky and iko are crouched behind a low ridge for cover. /end id]

others i like

the drifter from hyper light difter from heart machine

the drifter on the game's menu screen the drifter in one of the opening scenes the drifter struggling against judgement the drifter looking at the titans in one of the opening scenes

kei from akira by katsuhiro otomo

kei running through neotokyo at night kei from the manga holding her gun an animation cel from the end of the movie, when she is wearing kaneda's jacket kei from the manga smirking while casually holding her gun kei with her ams crossed, wearing her rebellion outfit

etherow from aposimz by tsutomu nihei

kajiwan from aposimz by tsutomu nihei

king kajiwan of irf nikk kajiwan being given some water to drink kajiwan after his body started decaying kajiwan falling upside down keisha foceing kajiwans head to the ground kajiwan suffering from frame disease

navarre from fire emblem

navarre in fire emblem heroes pixel art navarre from archanea saga navarres portrait in shadow dragon navarre from the fire emblem trading card game navahl from the fire emblem OVA navarre in the fire emblem manga

wolf from fire emblem

wolf in fire emblem heroes wolf's special attack in heroes injured wolf wolfs character portrait in archanea saga wolf in mystery of the emblem wolf's character portrait from new mystery of the emblem wolf holding a crossbow from the trading card game

takumi from fire emblem

takumi in fire emblem heroes offical art of takumi takumis chibi map sprite from heroes takumi's special attack from fire emblem heroes takumi holding his bow, the fujin yumi takumi in the heroes intro screen

motoko kusanagi from ghost in the shell under construction

kaeya from genshin impact

kaeya's character art kayea in a cave on dragonspine mountain kaeya holding his sword in the character selection screen a screenshot of kayea

childe from genshin impact

childe's character art childe using his electro delusion one of childe's idle animations childe's character portrait childe's final form, foul legacy