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what i'm listening to

here are some of my favorite playlists! i hope you enjoy them if you decide to listen :)

neotokyo! my favorite playlist :) lots of synthwave and some other fun stuff. this playlist is actually a buch of smaller playlists in a trenchcoat lol. if you're looking for a specific vibe heres the links to the shorter playlists:
akira | blame! | invisible kingdom | ghostrunner

salmon cannon break! my breakcore playlist. i especially love the song true by spleenn. if i listen to this playlist for long periods of time i start to feel like my brain is melting lol

zaba! my absolute favorite album of all time. i once saw someone call it "ominous jungle pop" and i think thats a very fitting description. id tell you my favorite song, but honestly all the songs on it are my fave :) its just that good

how to be a human being! glass animals is my favorite band and im barely restraining myself from putting ALL of their music on here. the vibes of this album are off the charts, absolutely no skips (i even appreciate [premade sandwiches])

ghostruner OST! the soundtrack from one of my favorite video games. listening to this music while running around a cyberpunk city is such a fun experience, and you should go play ghostrunner right now. yeah it is also synthwave (are you sensing a theme yet?)

careful! i heard this album for the first time playing over the speakers at the record store and i liked it so much that i had to buy it on vinyl immediately. all the songs on it are so good and it just has such a cool vibe

THE MEAT DROIDS! this is the playlist that first introduced me to synthwave. created by @keldabekush on tumblr and based off their clone wars ocs. i'd defentetly reccomend checking them out, their artwork is amazing!

レトロ ドライブ! my retro drive playlist. its not what i normally listen to but ive started to really enjoy city pop lately. dress down by kaoru akimoto is my favorite song on this playlist :)